Hello! I am a Electronics Engineering student who wasn't born rich. Electronics engineering when you dont have enough money is like nothing since Electronics is evolving from time to time. You have to have electronics stuff in order to learn a lot of things which cannot be learned from school. I just worked hard this past few months while studying in order to purchase my first ever Arduino Starter Kit. I am preparing myself to learn the necessary skills before I would face the real world. I know for a fact that employers would hire engineers with a lot of skills so you have to have an edge to other applicants.

With this I am looking for a 2 month internship which would happen this April and May 2019. I am looking for someone who might help me in an internship which is required by our university. Because I believe I can learn more things in the field than in school. I am willing to travel. I am already saving for the possible expenses in this internship. I am knocking on your hearts to please help me. I am from the Philippines. I hope you all understand. Good Day!