Interrupt code missing.

I’m in the middle of exploring the new core, I noticed the function attachInterrupt is short a few lines.
I realise the core is in beta, just not sure weather its known as the function isn’t marked with a comment.

void attachInterrupt( uint32_t ulInterrupt, void (*pfn_UserFunc)(void), uint32_t ulMode )
  if ( ulInterrupt < EXTERNAL_NUM_INTERRUPTS )
    g_apfn_IntFunc[ulInterrupt] = pfn_UserFunc ;

    // Configure the interrupt mode (trigger on low input, any change, rising
    // edge, or falling edge).  The mode constants were chosen to correspond
    // to the configuration bits in the hardware register, so we simply shift
    // the mode into place.

    // Enable the interrupt.


Yep, see here,128525.0.html


haha, cheers