interrupt compatible humidity and/or temperature sensor

I bought a RHT-22 for a weather project only to find that I can't use it with interrupts.

Can someone suggest a good, economical sensor or set of sensors I can use to replace it?

Thanks in advance.

u could solder an ATtiny13 to it... according to the datasheet...

AFTER u programmed it like this:

what do u mean with "use with interrupts"? do u need the sensor to create an interrupt, when the humidity is too high?

I presume the point is to have it interrupt driven so the processor can sleep? Periodic waking and polling ought to work too though as the weather doesn't change that quickly?

That's exactly it, MarkT.

You'd think it wouldn't change that often, but this is Texas. Weather changes at the drop of a hat. It's also an excuse to try out the interrupt functions in a "real application".

the humidity sensor doesnt react very fast, i guess, 2...

maybe a LM35 with a comparator would be a nicer interrupt-demonstration-thingy?

or something that can detect a flash light?