Interrupt Ethernet shield

Hello, Is it possible to put an interrupt on data reception from client with an ethernet shield. Now I look "if (client.available())" and it works but I want to know if this can create an interrupt. Thanks

Why do you want to? Generally interrupt routines should be kept short, and thus you would just set a flag. So now instead of:

if (client.available())

you would have:

if (flag_set)

Which hasn't saved much.

Thanks for your answer. I will give more details :
I have differents loop fonctions which generate sinusoidals, triangles, square… signals and these fonctions must be very short to obtain the frequence I need.
So when I look in my loop fonction if(client.available()) and datas received I lose time.
The signal stop command is sent by a computer and my idea was to set a flag in an interrupt for example to stop signal.

What Ethernet shield or board are you using ?

This one "allows the Arduino board to receive interrupt-driven notification of events from the W5100"

However, note the comment "but this is not supported by the Ethernet library"

Yes it's this one. So How to recover interrupt-driven notification of events from the W5100 ? On link you post I read "The jumper connects the INT pin of the W5100 to digital pin 2 of the Arduino. " It means I just have to code an interrupt on Pin2 like an external interrupt ? What's this jumper ??? I don't see jumper on my ethernet board and on photo.

It looks like other people have had the same problem,89615.0.html

Ok thanks a lot