Interrupt Headaches

CONTEXT: = Arduino UNO = I am using Serial.println to talk to the PC. = I am using Wire to talk to my Real Time Clock via I2C to set time, alarms and the like. The RTC INT pin is to generate an interrupt on a pin (external interrupt). = I have a DTMF receiver tied to the other external INT pin of the processor. = I am also using the MS_TIMER2 library to time a timeout event.

Up until I started trying to talk to the I2C to set alarms and respond to the alarms, everything was working. Now I am using the I2C to set the alarms on the RTC. The alarm does, indeed, get set. I see the INT line come high right when I expect it to.

The problem is that ALL response to external interrupts have ceased. I have not checked the internal MS_timer2 INT.

I have attached the interrupts for the pins. I enabled the interrupts with interrupts().

I set the RTC alarm (I2C) using a function written for that purpose.

So, what's up with all of this???

Maybe the next step is to post your code. Please read the how to use the forum stickies to see how to format and post code.

Whats wrong is simple - your codes crap. We can be sure of this as we know from your post that you think reading and following instructions is far beneath you! So start by reading and following the stickies at the top of the Programming Questions forum. You even posted the question in the wrong place!



I smell a flame war in the offing. :astonished:

@wa2pux, don’t despair. Just post your code as suggested by @groundfungus.

Without that we can have no idea what the problem is.