interrupt UNO32


I have a card with a UNO32 PIC32MX320F128H and I would like to blink a LED using an interrupt.

I program with MPIDE.

I tried several methods but nothing works, so I wanted to know if someone have already succeded to using an interrupt, let me say that what interests me is not the LED that flashes but the establishment of the interruption.

thank you

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An UNO32 PICxxx is NOT an Arduino. Whatever would work on an Arduino will not necessarily work on your whatever it is.

yes, uno32 is not arduino but it's normally compatible with arduino and MPIDE comes from arduino.

yes, uno32 is not arduino but it's normally compatible with arduino and MPIDE comes from arduino.

No, it doesn't.

this mean that i can't use arduino's librairy to program my microcontroller ?

this mean that i can't use arduino's librairy to program my microcontroller ?

No, it doesn't mean that. It means that you need to be up front about the fact that you do not have an Arduino, and that the IDE you are using is not from Arduino.

Interrupts are not library features. You may, or may not, be able to use Arduino's interrupt code. I would guess not, as interrupts are pretty much hardware dependent and you hardware is a lot different.

I think for help with the Uno32, you will probably get more support from the guys over on the chipkit
forums: -Index page
as the folks here on the Arduino forums tend to be focused on the AVR based products.

That said, I think there is often a terminology problem due to the Arduino team calling everything "Arduino".
There are several things all typically called Arduino:

  • IDE
  • Language
  • Core libraries (not be confused with 3rd party "Arduino" libraries)
  • Boards

For example: one might say:
"I used Arduino to build a sketch written in the Arduino language that use the Arduino libraries
to run on my Arduino board."

Within the "Arduino" Boards, there are the official "Arduino" boards and then there are the clones
which work just like the official boards but are manufactured by an independent 3rd party,
and then there are the "Arduino Compatible" boards.
The Uno32 falls more into the compatible category when using mpide.
mpide is a fork off the Arduino IDE not supplied by the Arduino development team
which supports "Arduino" boards with either AVR or PIC processors from the same IDE
and also has some additional build capabilities.
Currently, the mpide development package has not been updated to the Arduino 1.0 core libraries.

Given the different processor on the Uno32 vs the UNO there are some compatibility issues.
Things like voltage levels, and pin drive compatibility being a few of the hardware related ones.

There are also 3rd party "Arduino" libraries and sketches that may or may not be true arduino libraries/sketches.
I say "true" libraries/sketches because, in my mind if a library or sketch steps outside using the core library
functions (which is quite common), it is no longer a true Arduino library or "arduino" sketch.
It is now hybrid code that happens to still be buildable by the Arduino IDE but is locked to a specific

The reason that many sketches and libraries step outside the Arduino core libraries is that the core libraries
failed to address certain functional needs either at all or in a way that the particular code may need.

For s/w and libraries, any code that is not confining itself to use Arduino core libraries and
uses AVR specific registers or instructions will not work on the UNO32.
There are many examples of this, like libraries that use h/w timer libraries, and libraries that use interrupts
or in some cases direct AVR port i/o.

--- bill