Interrupt using analog input Arduino UNO rev2

Hi all!

I need to put my Arduino in power save mode.

In this page it seems that to wakeup the microcontroller I can use only digital pin 2 or 3. Is it right?

In my project I have pin Analog 0, Digital 5 and 10 free, so I would use one of these. How can I do it?


According to the datasheet, Power-down mode can be woken by INT0, INT1 (level only) and Pin Change, TWI address match and WDT.

Take a look at section 10.1 of the '328 spec for the different ways you can wake from the different sleep modes, see if any method will suit your hardware usage. Will post a link in a second ...

Read about the 5 software selectable power saving modes

Take a look at this application note as well, it describes the interrupt process really well.