Interruption when run serial communication between two Arduino Uno

Hello I'm newbie in Arduino and I need to solve problem with serial communication. Do zou have any idea how to solve if I interrupt communication between arduinos and after it automatic reconnect ? Thanks for advices.

sorry don't understand the question... what do you mean by " if I interrupt communication"

if you stop sending data, the other Arduino stops receiving and when you start again, if the other Arduino is still listening it will get the data.

I've got problem with strart again sending data. If I interrupt serial and after I reconnect it it do nothing still waiting on data for it. Is there any function which make it ?

if you want help please

  • show code from both Arduinos
  • explain how things are connected

what does it mean to "interrupt serial" ?

It means unplug and after it plug arduino. Okay thanks I found it.