Interrupts are disabling after the first occours

Hi mates, I've lost a couple of hours to figure out why the sketch doesn't come out from a while loop, I'm waiting an interrupt there, I'me sure it comes and it works but while keeps there. On the interrupt routine I'm stetting true a global boolean, the while checks it bu tit doesn't change. I noticed that including a lcd.print in the while loop solves the problem, I wonder know why that!! the solution is for sure that lcd.prind enables back somehow the interrupts, and writing an interrupts(); instead of lcd.write does the work too..

Why interrupts get disabled? Which is the reason? Is Arduino concept pretending to enable back interrupts after the first occours? Why? Really illogic

Thank you for clearing me!

Please post your full sketch.

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thank you for help, sorry in quick reply I don't have the code function, but it's very easy to paste:

on setup I have this
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(19), zero, RISING);

on loop:

while (!cross) {
interrupts(); //IF I DON'T PUT THIS IT HANGS ON WHILE, I can write a lcd.print (" "); and it works too
if (Valoreenc>0 & (tempo4>(Valoreenc*40))) {digitalWrite(52,LOW);} else {digitalWrite(52,HIGH);}
tempo3= micros(); tempo4=tempo3-tempo2;

at bottom:
void zero() {

is cross declared volatile?

Any variable that can be changed within an interrupt, but is read from outside the interrupt, must be declared volatile.

Otherwise the compiler will look at that, see that cross is not changed in the while loop, and optimize away accessing cross every iteration of the loop. declaring the variable as volatile will tell the compiler that it can't assume that the value of the variable won't be changed by an interrupt.

thank you, really useful post!
Anyway the instruction interrupts(); made difference, and I don't think that this instruction tells the compiler to consider in a different way the variable "cross".
For some reasons the interrupts where disabled, and it's needed to re enable them or use a lcd.print to solve the problem

Please post your full sketch or a minimal example that exhibits the behaviour; please use code tags when posting code.

Further, the & in below is a bitwise AND, not a logical AND. Is that the intention?

Valoreenc>0 & (tempo4>(Valoreenc*40))