Interrupts enabled by default?

Hello all,

I'm writing a very time sensitive program. I was wondering if Arduino enables any interrupts by default that might screw with the timing.


Interrupts are used to update micros() and millis(). Interrupts are also used to receive Serial data.


I'm writing a very time sensitive program.

How time sensitive? Milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, ... ?

Thanks! I've gotten rid of micros() and millis(). I've also reworked the program to poll for UART rather than have it interrupt driven. However, I'm still getting a 0.14 us spike every now and then. I'm trying to figure out where that might be coming from.

I'm creating a program that needs to be at most +/- 0.05 us in tolerance. I'm creating an encoder trace that updates every 6.5 us.

Please stop creating a new threads that relate to the same project. You now have five separate threads with eleven total posts all dealing with the same issue. You never answer questions in one thread, abandon it and start another thread in a different category.

I think a moderator should megre all of your posts into one thread so you don’t continue to waste people’s time with this rather annoying habit.

  1. My first post was about getting rid of an interrupt driven UART.
  2. My second post was a hardware question about the specs of Arduino Due because I can't seem to find any information about that online.
  3. My third post was about the types of interrupts that are enabled by default in the Arduino IDE.

In my opinion, they are all 3 separate topics. I don't know what the other 2 posts you're referring to.

In my opinion, they are all 3 separate topics.

It is much easier to help if you keep all the questions about one project in the same Thread as then we have all the info in one place.