Interrupts on pushbuttons LCD

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Arduino don't be too rude, I have a question bothering me since a few days, I'm trying to put an interruption on the arduino LCD shield with pushbuttons: How can I configure interruption on those pushbuttons?

Much appreciated !

How can I configure interruption on those pushbuttons?

You can't. Why do you think you need to ?

I am working on a program that calculates the exact time and the number of people passing in front of my infrared sensor at that specific time without using the times fonction of arduino . So I have to be able to find a way to show the time of the last 100 passages scrolling each time I press the button and my main program should be runing at the same time; in order to do that, I need to link an interruption on a pushbutton.

Read several things at the same time.

Interrupts are overkill, as long as no more than many thousand people can pass in one second, or the buttons are pressed many thousand times in one second ;-)