Hi again, I'm trying to make things (just trying to understand this in general) that have a few buttons, and when I click one it goes to a subroutine and then returns to the code. I did look at examples but I still really don't understand how to set then up and exit one. Could I please just have a short example or something? I am using an Arduino Uno. Thanks again.

The attachInterrupt() is for a few interrupts :
The PinChangeINTerrupt (PCINT) is for all pins : Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

However, you don't need interrupts for a button.
If you don't have delays in your sketch, you can use a debounce library : Arduino Playground - Bounce

What else are you doing in your sketch ?

Have look at the code in several things at a time or planning and implementing a program. They both use buttons without interrupts.

Humans don't do things fast enough to require interrupts.

And if you are trying to write a program to learn about interrupts I suggest you just use a single one to start with.