intervaluino modificato!

Ciao a tutti ragazzi, per coloro che volessero modificare i tempi tra uno scatto e l' altro, eccovi lo sketch modificato, spero sia chiaro!

// Intervaluino // this code programs the Arduino as an intervalometer for a Canon EOS camera, using two relays and a push button // this enables you to create time-lapse movies with your camera. // change the variables "full_time" and "short_time" to automatically calculate the right time interval (based on 25 frames per second) // upload the code via USB, fire up the Arduino, plug it into your camera's remote shutter release, and press the Intervaluino push button. // press the button another time to stop the sequence (doesn't work that well if your interval is long) // make sure to turn on single shoot // (c) Lord Yo 2008 (intervaluino a_t sporez do:t com) // Licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike) license // PER CAMBIARE I TEMPI TRA UNO SCATTO E L' ALTRO BISOGNA MODIFICARE LA PRIMA STRINGA "LONG INTERVAL_TIME /////////// Change these variables according to your needs

long interval_time = 1000; //time to wait between shots (in milliseconds)

int shutter_on = 200; //time to press shutter, set between 100 and 300 int shutter_wait = 5000; //initial time to wait to begin sequence int wakeup = 300; //time to activate wakeup (focus) int wakewait =200; //time between wake and shutter

/////////// Further Variables ////////////

long shutter_off = interval_time - shutter_on - wakeup - wakewait; //time to wait between shutter releases;

int outpin = 11; //output for shutter relay from pin 11 int wakepin = 8; //output for focus relay from pin 8 int switchpin = 2; //input from button from pin 2

int val; //value of button press int buttonState; //check variable for change of button press int on_off = 0; //state of sequence (turned on, turned off)

/////////// Setup ////////////

void setup() { pinMode(outpin, OUTPUT); //outpin gives output pinMode(switchpin, INPUT); //switchpin receives input pinMode(wakepin, OUTPUT); //wakepin gives output

buttonState = digitalRead(switchpin); //read value of the button }

/////////// Loop ////////////

void loop(){

val = digitalRead(switchpin); // read button value and store it in val

if (val != buttonState) { // if the button state has changed... if (val == LOW) { // check if the button is pressed... if (on_off == 0) { // if the sequence is currently off... on_off = 1; // turn the sequence on delay(shutter_wait); // wait the initial period } else { on_off = 0; // turn the sequence off } } }

buttonState = val; //switch the button state

if (on_off == 1) { //while the sequence is turned on...

digitalWrite(wakepin, HIGH); //turn wakeup/focus on delay(wakeup); //keep focus digitalWrite(wakepin, LOW); //turn wakeup off delay(wakewait); //wait digitalWrite(outpin, HIGH); //press the shutter delay(shutter_on); //wait the shutter release time digitalWrite(outpin, LOW); //release shutter delay(shutter_off); //wait for next round }