Intro - Arduino Newb

Hi all

I'm Chad and an Arduino newb. Just thought I'd post a quick introduction as a new member to the forum.

I've seen the Arduino system for a while now, and decided to get my first board a few weeks ago. So far I'm having fun setting up very simple circuits and sketches based on tutorials. I've already developed a long wish-list of projects I'd like to tackle - the complexity of which far exceed my current skills.

I'm not much of a programmer, (I had a semester of Fortran 20-some years ago, and have played around a little with Mindstorms). Right now, I'm relying on Ardublock to help me along.

I've also built (not designed) several vacuum amplifiers/pre-amps, designed and built more DIY speakers than I can count and was into racing R/C cars several years ago.

Long-story short, I know just enough to give me a little confidence that I can (eventually) design and build something cool. I'll be around, mostly reading posts and probably copying a lot of sketches and circuits. Hopefully If I ask questions, they're not too dumb. :)

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Here is a Christmas gift: And

Welcome Chad! You even bring a present! (I had a quick look and watched a Youtube intro is all.)

I wonder though if Ardublock will convert existing code into visual blocks? That's because once you get past the wading pool, some of your major resources will be existing working code.

You've been good enough to go through tutorials. If any of those got you using capital-S Strings then please for your own sake get away from those and seek out tutorials on C string arrays. What you get used to is what you use and String objects will limit what you can achieve with text on Arduinos.

Here's a few links on the Arduino site for you. I hope you have your bookmarks organized!

Foundations-- you may already know all this but check in case.

Reference-- not everything but still good.

Products-- some level of details on every product including yours.

Tutorials-- you probably know this page.

AVR C Libraries -- not the Arduino site but the actual libraries of the code the IDE is based on. This is a don't-miss, keep a link deep-down reference page.

Libraries-- the Arduino official libraries, next layer.

The Playground (back door) with loads of user-added libraries, tutorials, snippets and articles.

These will help. You have enough here to soak up more hours than probably any video game takes to beat a few times over. Which will be more useful?

Thanks for the links - the hardest part of starting something new is separating the good resources from the garbage. I'll give them a look..I have a lot to learn though.

The Ardublock only converts from visual to code, but not the other way around. I know it will eventually limit what I can do, but it's a good way to get going quickly without worrying about syntax errors. It's nice because my kids can also easily do some simple programming too.

You could write some very useful and somewhat complex code with Ardublock from the looks of it. Probably even make your own blocks, share and collect with others in the community.

I have nothing against it at all. Linked it into my Software->Arduino bookmarks as a sub-group.