Intro for -SUN7 Shield TFT Touch Screen Display Controller Shield for Arduino

ThaiEasyElec'sTeam is pleased to announce the SUN7 Shield - TFT Touch Screen Display Controller Shield for Arduino

SUN7 Shield was designed to allow Arduino boards to run graphic-based application using 4.3” or 7” touch screen LCD. With GUI Engine running on the shield, the user can create and configure GUI screen by screen on SUN7 Studio which is software created by The user get script folder contains script, images and sounds from SUN7 Studio and put it in the SD card to run the shield. Then all objects on the screen can be controlled by Arduino through a serial port. Moreover, the SUN7 shield contains MP3 decoder, RTC and support firmware upgrade through SD card.

GUI Script is an engine software developed by ThaiEasyElec. This script helps user to work with image rendering and touchscreen control of miniSUN7 / SUN7 TFT touchscreen LCD. GUI script is much dynamic than to draw GUI features manually using C functions. Moreover , ThaiEasyElec's Team ware developed software call "SUN7 Studio" which will help the user to design your own GUI and will generate GUI script automaticly (Please see miniSUN7's user manual at chapter 8 or video tutorial 1 / 2 for more information). For SUN7 Shield , ThaiEasyElec's Team was developed as a firmware and upload in to LPC1788 chip which ready for use with arduino . The user only plug SUN7 Shiled in to Arduino board and send/receive command via UART and use GUI Studio

Example to display 7 inch TFT and Touch Screen for LED on/off


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Do you still supply the product?

I have searched on the internet but I could not find anywhere except your web site.
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Are you posting it international?