Hi Just starting with my arduino NG board and can't figure out how to make it work. Is there a comprhensive tutorial which can be followed in order to get it working?

I tried to do the blinking led thing but first ther was a problem loading the program onto the board, then I reset the board and loaded the program but the led isn't blinking, it stays on.

I have no id at all what I'm doing and can't find any good resource on the hardware part. Which is disappointing, I'm not completly new to these things and succesfully used icube and teleo and bluemelon stuff but this is just to cryptic.

I'm working on a macbook, installed the usb driver and in the installation I was asked to do something else, but can't find the command line that is mentioned

Any help would be greatly appreciated



can't find any good resource on the hardware part.

There are many pages of reference materials...

There is an extensive reference page on installing Arduino on Mac OS x here:

The troubleshooting page is here:

The Arduino online guide is here:

There is also a preliminary version of an instruction manual: the "Arduino Guide"