Intro & Servo drive interfacing help

Hello all,

I have a project in mind that I'm needing clarification on a few nagging details.. I have an older Duemilanove I want use to control a Yaskawa, 2 kw SGDB series servo drive (and motor) . I would like to control the servo motor using both " position mode" and later if possible "speed mode" . From the Yaskawa manual TSE-S800-16E.pdf

found here : SGDB/SGMG/SGMS Users Manual - Yaskawa

(pg 69), Example #2 , It appears that this drive can be controls with 5 volt digital input ( see attachment) . This particular example is for position control ( 5V puls and 5V direction command ) Would this work for the Arduino ? Do I need to have multiple resisters (R1) for each "twisted pair" ground as shown in diagram OR can i have one common resistor for all the grounds. ?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Try this connection.
I think you can probably run it with this.
Each line requires a resistor.

perfect ! ,, thank you very much Chrisknightley .

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