Introduce a new serialport tool: comNG

Hi there,
I made a new serialport tool called comNG and wanna share you guys here.

It has below features:

  • built-in comNGLang syntax
  • built-in word highlighter
  • globally highlight word you selected (monaco built-in)
  • globally highlight word you searched (monaco built-in)
  • breakpoint on certain text
  • timestamp append and name sign

comNG is a commercial software but free for personal and educational projects. For further information please refer to

You can find the source code at my github page: xenkuo (Xen) · GitHub

Bug report is welcome, wish you enjoy it.

Well, I read the post and, rather naively, I went to GitHub. I still haven't the faintest idea about what this does. I guess that is because, contrary to the admonition I read there, I don't need it.