Introducing a fan in my project

Dear forum,

I am currently working on a project with the following hardware:
Arduino UNO
CNC shield v3
2x drv8825 stepper shield
2x end stop
2x NEMA 17 stepper motor 1.33 0.9 degree steps
1223 SEC power supply 13.8V 23A

I want to introduce a fan that gets empowered as soon as I turn on my power supply.
Most small and cheap fans I have seen are designed for 5V, 12V or 24V.
I want to simply connect it directly to my power supply so that as soon as I empower my whole project, the fan starts to spin.
Therefore my question is: Which fan would be suitable for my requirements? Is there a danger in connecting a 12V fan to a 13.8V power supply?

I hope I have explained the situation sufficiently.

You’d probably get away with it , but, you could wire 3 diodes in series with the fan to drop 1.8volts .

Choose a diode that has a suitable current rating .