Introducing OpenSprinkler: An Open-source Web-enabled Sprinkler Valve Controller

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this message about a project that we have just released. It's called OpenSprinkler -- an Arduino-based Open-source Web-enabled Sprinkler Valve Controller. It can be used to schedule and control sprinkler valves commonly found in landscaping, irrigation, and home gardening projects. It is based on ATmega328 MCU and ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. Here is a list of features:

  • Programmable using the Arduino software.
  • Web-based scheduling (also has WiFi connectivity if used with a WiFi repeater)
  • Up to 8 zones, individually controlled (extendable to 16 by adding an additional shift register)
  • Reserved PCB slot for RFM12B transceiver (useful for RF communications with sensors and battery-operated valves we are currently developing)

The project is open-sourced. Design files and programs can be found on my website:

A link to the video demo:

We are selling it at $79.95 for a complete kit including a custom-machined clear-cover case. Bare PCBs or fully assembled kits are also available for purchase. Check out


Looks great !

I like it although with the winter is coming soon at least in the nothern hemisphere (your marketing timing might not be optimal ;)

Can I also control the valves at the arduino, e.g. emergency stop?

Hi Rob,

I agree the timing is not the best. Well, I just happen to finish the project a week ago, so I thought it's better to post it than to wait. I can use the winter to improve the work :)

Yes, there is a way to stop the valves manually, even when it's in 'web mode'. That's by pressing and holding the second button. Also, if you turn off the power switch, all valves will be closed (they can only be activated when power is on).

Next step could be the addition of some vegetronics 400 moisture sensors or alternatives - -

Rob PS, Summer is starting in the southern hemisphere ;)