Introducing the UNO Mini Limited Edition!

Thought you guys might like a sneak preview of today's big news :smiley:
Introducing, the UNO Mini Limited Edition...

Will it have a shield adapter?

Why ? What has it got to offer that a Nano hasn't got, apart from a USBC connector ?

I give it about a week and there will be clones on the market.

Tom.... :smiley: :+1: :coffee::australia:

Limited edition means only X number are built and then no more. What is the advantage of a soon to be discontinued product?

No one has heard of collectibles? Whether this will ever be worth more than its purchase price who knows. But many people buy limited edition stuff with the hope it will. This is for people who mount their Uno mini on a pedestal for worship and admiration.

Ok, so who will first to sell the Arduino NFT? Do not ask me what an NFT is. But sounds like a great way to separate fools from their money.

Gentleman, you´re getting @spannerspencer upset...

It´s a pretty board. I liked it. The packaging looks like that of a jewelry store. :gem:

Yeah, that´s it. Much more to worship than to use.

Unfortunately, 45 bucks becomes a small fortune in my country due to the currency exchange. And we still have to pay a lot for a 30 day shipping. So, I liked it, but won´t buy one. :man_shrugging:

It's beautiful
giphy (4)
But I cannot justify the cost compared to a clone for 1/8th the cost and free shipping.

Maybe, if it had additional functionality or if it was the size of a postage stamp.

I choose my boards carefully, and this board is not it, sorry, but thanks for trying

Nice looking little board, and very professional sales brochure photo. Now, why would I want to buy one? Well, there is this:

Each item is unique and numbered on the PCB, and includes a signed letter from the Arduino founders.

Ha ha :grin: Not at all!

The truth is, this is a very different product for Arduino. Lots of internal discussions about whether it'll sell out in an instant, or just sit there confusing people. It could honestly have gone either way! We're kinda used to developing and releasing products based on their function, but this one has just as much of a collectible, aesthetic value. And that's as new to us as it is to anyone.

So as with any experiment, we genuinely want to hear every opinion and thought about it, good, bad and indifferent. And ideally to hear those opinions in here, because this is the nucleus of Arduino fandom online, so your thoughts matter! Please keep them coming :smiley:

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Personally I am indifferent, but each to their own

Sure, it looks nice, but what would I do with it, how and where would I display it and who but another nerd would be interested in it ?


You could put it on a gold chain and wear it to parties. People would definitely talk about it then. Don't they say, "Any press is good press"?

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It looks like a beautiful artwork so the only sensible place to use it is in an artistic project. I have seen PCs with clear plastic / glass sides, carefully placed LED lighting inside and have thought how good they look, but I would not buy one. If I had artistic talent then I might be able to incorporate one into an artistic project. Unfortunately my artistic talent has not progressed since I was about 3.

So, yes, I can imagine someone using one and making something very beautiful out of one, but I don't think it's going to be me.

My neighbour is an artist, maybe I could see if it inspires him.

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My honest opinion? Completely useless!
But there are always people who buy (and obviously need) useless things. :joy: :rofl:

To be fair I think it has some good points, such as the USBC connector, the castellated connection pads and the unobstructed back of the PCB. However, if you plug even a single patch wire into its sockets its looks are destroyed immediately and, of course, it is not compatible with any Uno shields.

Should anyone produce compatible shields the "Uno" will be completely hidden as soon as they are plugged in, but I don't foresee a big market for such shields in any case

To my mind a Nano with castellated pads, a faster processor, nothing on the back of the PCB and more memory would be a better bet. It could be called the Nano Every :grinning:

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I think the Nano Every is a superb little board :slight_smile:

If I were to use one I'd have a black PCB made with gold contacts, only thing you can do to preserve its looks I think.


I would insist on matching Gold and Silver DuPont connectors and wire.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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