Introduction of a new member

I didn't see an "Introduction" thread, so I decided this was the most appropriate forum.

Hewwos, all. My name is Velvet Tauruda Leopard and I just ordered my Arduino Due today. It will take a bout three weeks to get here, but I am stoked. It will be the first microcontroller I have gotten to play with since my Basic Stamp II I had so many years ago.

I am wanting to get into robotics heavily and was steered towards the Arduino boards for their many robot friendly features. I was thinking on one of those Raspberry Pi deals or a Gumstyx until I found the Due.

I hope to gain much from being a member of this forum and also that I may eventually become a contributor myself.

Thank you for your time.

Welcome to Arduino!! That is the same reason I bought an Arduino was for robotics. Ever since I watched the movie "Short Circuit."

I now own 6 Arduinos and have built around 12 custom Arduinos. My current robotic project has 4 Arduinos that talk to each and another 3 more are being integrated. All of this within a year of buying my first one. I did have some knowledge of basic electronics and very basic knowledge of C++.

If you have any questions, just post away! There are many members here that can help you no matter what problem you have.

Ah Coolies. I loved both of those movies. "Sure! Kidnap the humans. DESTROY THE MACHINE!" LOL

I have always loved computers and robots and now I am in the position to play with both.

I am sufficient in non-graphical C++ and Assembly language for the x86 architecture, I am hoping the Due lets me program in ASM.

I was thinking of doing some of those small robots like line followers and maze solvers before I tackled anything too hard.

My personal goal is to create serious, fully stand-alone robotic "companions" sort of like uber high tech sci-fi digipets. LOL

But that will come after many years of learning the simple stuffs, I know. That is just my lifelong goal.

Thankies for the welcome.

Years? Nah, it's not that hard to learn.

I am sufficient in non-graphical C++ and Assembly language

Then you have an advantage over most beginners. That is also my downfall. I just can't grasp the language. But, like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Well, I didn't want to sound like I was setting my goals too high.

I still need to learn the Arduino's specific language, being that it is a subset of C/C++, and that it has all kinds of libraries and such.

Oh I intend to practice all right. :smiley: