i've been searching the forums for either a big 'introduction'-thread for new members, or an 'introductions'-subforum, but found neither. so i decided to post this in what seemed to me to be the most logical place, the off-topic section of the community-subforum. has an 'introductions' subforum ever been considered? it is a good way to keep track of an expanding community. anyway:

i'm rhowaldt, from the Netherlands. just ordered my first Arduino, a package containing an assortment of components and a breadboard and other stuff i have no idea about (it hasn't arrived yet). this is my first foray into electronics (except for a bit of circuit-bending, that is) so i don't know much about terminology and components and whatnot. i hope the forums have a good search-function, so i can avoid repeating questions.

i do know some programming, some MOO, bash and python. i use Crunchbang Linux. my first Arduino-project will be an optical theremin of sorts. i've already been reading through the documentation to prepare for the actual arrival of my Arduino.

i'm curious to learn more about Arduino and its community.

i hope the forums have a good search-function,

Actually it's pretty crap, but welcome anyway :)


Welcome. Here I have a list of parts and tools you will need to get started:

Welcome! To the finest Forum ever on Web atleast when it comes to technology and uC's (However PICAXE guys are polite too :P)

Welcome to the Arduino world. I think you will find it a very enjoyable journey. You are free to go where ever your imagination leads you but help is just a post away if you find yourself trapped in the high weeds chasing rabbits.


Welcome. The Playground section has a lot of ideas. There is so much you can do, the trick is to limit yourself initially to small projects that will help you learn. The exact nature of those depends a bit on whether you prefer blinking/fading lights, beeps, things that move, calculations, measurements, etc.

It's all good fun though.

The God Member had told you all you need, so just Welcome!

thanks for the welcome and the tips, much appreciated!

There is actually a rather large contingent from the Netherlands, I have seen several regular members from there.

Welcome! If you have been doing scripting even, Arduino as a language should present no problems. It's basically C, and given what you will most likely do as starting projects is fairly simple stuff, it should be a breeze to pick up.

As for the hardware, I have learned more from these guys in the forums than I ever knew before.. And become a full on junkie for what is IMHO one of the easiest to use platforms out there.

i hope the forums have a good search-function,

fastest way to search the forum is often using google with the site parameter: e.g. "serial 345600"

Yeah, truthfully, the forum software leaves a lot to be desired, especially with searching. The admins do try to move threads to proper locations usually, but what really stands our about this site is that you aren't dealing with what I call a Geek Barbecue.. Nothing but weenies and flamers. It's not like that here simply put.

It really is like a type of collaborative education.. flame wars just don't really get going, most of the time we're more interested in who is making what, or answering a few questions when we can. Too much neat junk going on, war stories, and general amusing nonsense. We have the coolest toy on earth in common.

I honestly love it when I see those 'hi I'm ten years old and I just got BLINK working, except I made it flash differently.....' posts. Kids (or adults) who are just getting the disease... And it is. only the best kind, but a very very permanent illness it is. Passion for tinkering.


i hope the forums have a good search-function,

fastest way to search the forum is often using google with the site parameter: e.g. "serial 345600"

Probably the biggest problem with the forum is that some very nice gems just fall off the map and end up 26 pages in, where no-one can remember exactly the title, or even which thread it was in ... was it Programming, Comms or Project Guidance?

And even Google searches (which are far preferable to the inbuilt search) aren't much use if you are trying to find the circuit diagram for a low-side MOSFET driver, unless you can happen to remember the file name.

If I do something out of the regular answering question routine, like putting together a list of minimal equipment, I post it on my blog hosted at The search there is better by a few orders of magnitude.

"There is actually a rather large contingent from the Netherlands" they even lobbied for a Netherlands language section, which started not too long ago.

<— lives in maastricht. not dutch though.

they even lobbied for a Netherlands language section

Ya , i went to their language page in search of some intelligent friends but couldn’t understand their language so opened Google Translate but that was pretty slow.

Though photography and travel shows seem to show The Netherlands as a stunningly beautiful region, I remain skeptical because of the name.

One is usually instructed not to display their Nether regions, and there certainly seems to be a dark implication to "Netherworld". Very ominous and sinister sounding. Like maybe Frodo and Gandalf have to cross.. "And they lost six hearty elves and as many Dwarven fighters as they crossed the accursed Nether Lands, my lord Sauron"....

Dunno, I think you guys need a good PR company, maybe a better name. Like maybe "The Awesomelands" or maybe "Susan". It's all about the marketing.

@robtillaart: thanks for the search-tip. will try and remember that one. @focalist: good to hear about the friendliness of these forums. i am used to that, coming from the Crunchbang Linux forums, which is said to be one of the friendliest in the entire Linux community. it seems a matter of common sense to just not start flamewars and be relaxed and helpful toward each other, but in practice, sadly, it often isn't.

about the Netherlands-section: i appreciate the effort, but i am more of an English-type-guy myself. even though i am Dutch natively, i find browsing the internet and getting questions answered on various issues in English a lot easier than working with crazy half-translations in Dutch (for example, programming languages are always in English, so why discuss them in Dutch? it is just not easy, to me at least). so i'll just be hanging out in the English sections, if that's alright with you guys :D

Of course. We all appreciate someone with a good sense of humour. :slight_smile:

@focalist: you can just call it 'Holland', which is okay with most Dutch people, except when they are Frysians (but just ignore those anyway... :P). or call it 'Weedland' or something, which is what we're still (in)famous for. seriously, doesn't matter where on earth you go, when you mention you're Dutch, they'll start talking about weed :)

anyway, appreciate the thoughtfulness with respect to our PR management :)