Invalid library found in ....libraries\rplidar_arduino-master: no headers files (.h) found

hey guys i can't tell what's goin on here. I did Add .ZIP Library... but the console window says
"Invalid library found in C:\Users\spill\Documents\Arduino\libraries\rplidar_arduino-master: no headers files (.h) found"

i opened a cmd.exe window and did dir
and get this:

" Volume in drive C is newW10
Volume Serial Number is 48F8-053F
Directory of C:\Users\spill\CommonStore\projects\mine\shaneiceNjay\software\rplidar_arduino-master\RPLidarDriver

08/07/2021 17:05 .
08/07/2021 17:05 ..
05/16/2014 20:27 examples
05/16/2014 20:27 inc
05/16/2014 20:27 219 keywords.txt
05/16/2014 20:27 9,833 RPLidar.cpp
05/16/2014 20:27 3,115 RPLidar.h
4 File(s) 13,167 bytes
4 Dir(s) 157,042,671,616 bytes free"

the header file is there, but still i can't install the library into Arduino 1.8.12

Seems it’s in a subdirectory (RPLidarDriver) not in the main directory (nor under src)

...oh. the library was organized wrong.
much obliged, now i know

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