Invalid library

Why an I receiving this warning when I try and upload the sketch please? Invalid library found in C:\Users\Shaun\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Quest: C:\Users\Shaun\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Quest I downloaded the sketch in the continue hair pulling exercise of making a reverse geocache. I hope life get easier!!

Quest.ino (19.5 KB)

Did you import that sketch as a library? You should do a copy and paste to the IDE sketch window.

Good afternoon Tim
As I said I am a novice of about a months tinkering with Arduino. I downloaded the original .ino from the Forum and copied it directly to the library. Open that .ino file so by the sounds of it that is what is wrong, copy teh text and into a new sketch and save down

Don't copy it to the libraries folder. You should remove it from there. Just copy and paste it into the IDE sketch window, then save it.

Brilliant Tim many thanks for your help. Must make a note to self, remember the difference between Sketches and libraries and where they are stored