Inventory RFID project Uno

Hello all,

I want to make an inventory rfid scanner for when I go take photos (as I do wedding photography). I am planning to get rfid stickers and placing them on all of my equipment. I have been looking around and I haven't come across many arduino inventory scanners...

I want a 2.4" TFT touch screen screen and a rfid scanner (RC 522). The only problem is, the screen takes up almost all the pins and I cannot add the rfid scanner.

I have an arduino uno r3 atmega328p and I wanted to use it for this project. I was thinking, can I have 2 arduino uno's in master slave configuration, have the screen on one arduino and the other arduino will have the rfid scanner.

This is my second project ^ hence why I probably don't make much sense above.

Thank you in advance.

An Arduino Mega should have enough I/O pins for your project, and is easier to program and cheaper and smaller than two Uno's.