Inverse kinematics for robotic arm


I wrote a little sketch demonstrating inverse kinematics control for robotic arm. Enjoy ->


Great stuff, I think! :wink:

I am planning to make something similar later, and this is absolutely what I need to look at then :slight_smile: I just don’t understand it yet.

Interesting - I am planning on (sometime in the future, when I don't know) interfacing a couple of different arms via the Arduino to my old Tandy Color Computer 3. One arm is an Armatron (that I will have to greatly modify to make it computer controlled), the other is an OWI Edge (which will be fairly easy to interface). This kind of information will be handy for that - thanks for posting it!

I will have to modify the code - but perhaps this is something you should consider doing; make the code more modular, so that it could be extended to any number of joints; heck, make it a library then and stick it on the playground!


[edit]I just wanted to clarify something; what I meant by "having to modify your code" was that the arms I am thinking of interfacing each use a different set of motions (and have extra joints) that your arm doesn't implement (plus lengths are different, of course - but you do have constants for that - at least for your arm configuration) - so I would have to modify the code to account for that. In theory, though, it should be possible to make the code be modular enough to allow for any number of joints/angles/orientations - so that any robotic arm could be controlled via IK, regardless of the number of joints, their range of motion, or the length between each joint.[/edit]

I will make it a library eventually. Many computations, like gripper angle offset, have to be performed only once when the gripper angle has changed so making the code modular would also make it faster. However, I decided to publish this one as an example - the single function is easier to follow.