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Hey guys a little new to this forum, need some advice

So I found this circuit on a video(see image above) I was watching that alternates the polarities, I set it up on a bread board and It works perfectly with normal switches but I tried using a TIP120 and a RFZ44N transistor with the arduino. The problem is the transistors keep turning into resistors when the voltage is applied to the gate pin. Any advice on what transistors I need to use? or what im doing wrong?


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At the least, we need a schematic. Post your schematic in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg or png. PLEASE- not a pretty Fritzing picture.

Just what are you trying to make? The video seen above is not there.

Fixed? I still can’t see it. Anyway, depending on your needs, a simple H-bridge motor driver chip may work. Albeit for a “square” instead of a “sine” wave.

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Hi, You would be best to draw your circuit and post a picture of it. Please include; Your controller and pin numbers. Component names and pin names. [u]Complete Power supply[/u] circuitry including voltages.

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How about a proposed schematic, your picture is not a schematic. How to you control shoot through, if you do not you will blow a lot of IGBTs. What transistors are you using that have gates? What are the voltages and currents you want to switch. Do you have any experience in designing SMPS units?