Inverting amplifier with Arduino

Hi everybody. I'm new to arduino and I'm trying to understand some electronics. I wolud like to implement an inverting amplifier with Arduino but there is the problem of single supply (0-5 V). How can I do? Thanks a lot.

Create a virtual ground at 2.5V using a second op-amp and 2 resistors.

Can you explain me the circuit? thank you very much

Im not super familiar with op amps, but

“Create a virtual ground at 2.5V using a second op-amp and 2 resistors.”

can this be done with 1 single supply op amp?
For example, is this what you mean by that?

This site looks relevant:

Thank you very much.!! Very useful information!

Hi, why do you need an inverting amplifier, what is the application?

Tom.... :)

Honesty I'm just trying to implement some circuits that I've studied during university without practice....

What kind of circuits?

Ps991, your circuit is fine, but the manner in which it is drawn is confusing. Please check out some of the links in my signature.

If you want to practice with op amps you need to get a second 5V supply that has an ungrounded (2-prong) plug. The AC plug should NOT have the 3RD prong (the ground). Then just connect the POSITIVE lead of the 5V supply to GROUND. The NEGATIVE becomes -5V allowing you to build true bi-polar op amp circuits. I recommend the LT1215 OP AMP because it was designed with 5V systems in mind but will operate up to 36V (from +V to -V) which means +/- 18V or any combination of + & - that does not exceed the 36V maximum from -V to +V. The 2.5V virtual ground is still a good idea but if you want true bipolar operation you need the second power supply. You will NOT be able to connect ANY NEGATIVE voltage signals to the arduino (FYI).

Hi, are you looking at DC or AC inverting amplifier.

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No need for a negative rail, that's so 1970's... Just use a virtual ground 5V rail-to-rail (input and output) opamps.

Yeah, yeah, I'm not even going to go there. It was just a suggestion. I said the virtual rail was a good idea if it makes you feel any better.

Dual rail is unnecessary complication for the purpose, just avoiding unnecessary expense for someone...

What kind of circuits?

That is the question.

XY problem.

What kind of circuits? That is the question.

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