Invitation to NODE08 ? Forum For Digital Arts

Dear all,

as an Arduino user and member of the organisation team of NODE08, I'd like to warmly invite you to come to Frankfurt am Main,Germany to our very first Forum. Please check out: (you find more info below). Yes, Casey Reas will also be there!

Best regards and hoping to see you there! Patrick :)

April 5 - 12, 2008: NODE08 - Forum For Digital Arts

NODE08 ( is part of the Luminale light art festival (,, which takes place at the same time in Frankfurt.

More than just the first large-scale vvvv user meeting, NODE08 joins people working across the disciplines of applied and artistic media in a week-long event which we want to introduce briefly in this email.


Over six days, the vvvv developers as well as a great part of the most distinguished and most obsessed vvvv users impart their methods and techniques in a string of workshops. From absolute beginner level (zero to "Wow!" in two days) to the very advanced ones, the workshop program is widely spread.

Here are some highlights: vvvv for Beginners Lighting and Tracking Techniques Shader Programming Video Effects and Reactive Animation vvvv Plugins Microcontroller And Sensor Handling Virtual Architecture and Installation Setup vvvv Project Organisation ? and many more.


Along with the vvvv group (Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Joreg and Sebastian Gregor), a line of renowned speakers provide insights to their works and domains on April 8th 2008, moderated by Eno Henze ( at the Velvet Club (Weissfrauenstrasse 12-16, Frankfurt) — and take your questions and comments at the Forum Symposium.

Speakers include: Casey Reas ( / Herbert W. Franke ( Paul Prudence ( Verena Kuni ( Mark Fornes & Skylar Tibbits ( Berthold Scharrer (

The lectures conclude with an audio-visual performance from: Paul Prudence (


The bland facade just opposite the Forum base Velvet Club will be given a new life and look by the French collective Digital Slaves (

The Diakonie Kirche (Weserstrasse 5, Frankfurt) is going to be the NODE08 Exhibition Hall. Here you can see works by Eno Henze, Martin Zeplichal, Phillip Steinweber & Adreas Koller, Benedikt Gross, Pedro Mari & Claudio Midolo, OMA International and many more.

Other installtions by Pinar Yoldas, Jannis Kreft, Jens Fischer, Sebastian Pforr, Jennifer Schaper, Jan Snippen can be seen in the lower level of the Velvet Club (Weissfrauenstrasse 12-16, Frankfurt). During the second part of the Forum, the exhibits created during the workshops will be shown at the Cube, next to the Velvet Club. All locations will be open daily 5pm - midnight, admission is free of charge.


As it should be, we will celebrate the grande finissage - on Saturday April 12th, at the Velvet Club. At the controls will be our vvvv users onoxo (Zagreb), u7agel (Hamburg), Elektromeier (Switzerland), Desaxismundi (France), Catweasel (London), VA (SanchTV-France, Nushitzu-Berlin), Live: Melchior Productions (Cadeza, Berlin), Gaiser (M-nus/Detroit, USA), B-Film (Tonfilm-Amsterdam). DJ: Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings Frankfurt), Sylvie Marks (Bpitch Control, Hal 9000, Frankfurt)


Besides the fixed programme, there will be projections and working space for all NODE08 Members. You can spontaneously show your work, patch, talk and create the exhibit you always wanted to realize. Thanks to the hardware generously sponsored by Satis & Fy ( and Markus Berger (MSBERGER), we can provide you with projectors and canvas. We strongly recommend that you bring a laptop to NODE08 so you can work in the workshops and in the OpenLab.


NODE08 is not profit-oriented. However, participation in the workshops and lectures requires a ticket: this helps to pay for costs and expenses of the lecturers, artists, rentals, gear, etc. Relating to the licensing scheme of vvvv, we trust our guests to choose the right ticket scheme. Besides the Fan-Pass for non-commercial users, we'd especially like to advertise the Pro-Pass at EUR 444,— granting free access to all workshops, lectures and the grande finissage.

The Pro-Pass is meant to be the right ticket for those who think the NODE08 Visit is more commercial than personal. By buying the Pro-Pass you become an official Sponsor of NODE08. It also guarantees peace of mind in case the knowledge gained in attending the workshops, which are held by honorary workshop facilitators, is going to be applied incommercial projects.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting NODE08 by buying the Pro-Pass. To be recognisable as a sponsor, the Pro-Pass badge will be colour-coded.

For further information and booking please visit


The NODE08 Organization Team