Invitation to the Hamburg Maker Meeting

On Oct, 20th, the first Hamburg Maker Meeting will be held
at the Attraktor makerspace in Hamburg/Germany. It is a
non-commercial community event for makers, hackers,
tinkerers, creators and artists to meet, show their projects,
exchange ideas and be inspired by the work of others.

The day will offer a diverse program of exhibitors and workshops:
from electronics to juice-making, 3D-printing to steampunk and
homebrewing to quadrocopters.

The Hamburg Maker Meeting is an environment for creative and
playful work with materials, techniques and technology. At its
core lie the ideas of Do-It-Yourself and the discovery and
creation of new and interesting things.

All further information is available on

See you there! :slight_smile:

The event was great!

On our webpage you can find a first photo set and a video, more to come soon!