io pins on due board

new here and first off im not the brightest kid around so please help thanks

iv been messing around with 2 boards uno r3 and due, the uno board didnt have enough AO pins so I got a due with plenty of AO and IO , the problem now is every time I add some module they seem to use 1 or more IO pins that are already being used by a different module or lcd.
Is there a list for the due board IO pins that for Example IO pin 5 is the same as IO pins 1 , 7 , 19 ? if so then i could add more modules to this due board, i did look at the due board schematic but like I said above im not the brightest kid so i cant figure out what IO pins do the same thing as others, or if i need to use the same pin as the example codes or modules say to use.

If you Google "Arduino Due pinout", and go to "images", you see all the functions of the pins.
Note that an Uno is a 5volt processor, and the Due is a 3.3volt processor.
You will damage the Due is you connect 5volt signals/modules to the pins.

A Mega also has more analogue pins, and is 5volt logic.

If you wanted more pins, you could also have used port expanders.
This breakout board changes one analogue Uno pin into 16 analogue pins.

Thanks Wawa
I look at the images on goggle and moved all my led pins from 2 4 5 6 11 12 to rs = 36, en = 34, d4 = 41, d5 = 39, d6 = 37, d7 = 35 and now i can use 2 4 5 6 11 12 for other modules and learn that i have alot more io pins.

thanks for the heads up on Uno is a 5volt processor, and the Due is a 3.3volt processor. and the breakout board,just order mega and breakout boards

Just as important as the Due’s different I/O voltage, it also has much lower I/O current capacities than AVR processors. Refer to the link and read the legend in the upper left corner, note the two different pin legends and their current capacities.