IO Visualizer for Arduino

Hi, my name is Cengiz.

I am an Electronical Engineer and very enthusiastic Arduino user. I made a software that allows us to visualize our arduino codes. It is very simple and easy to use. It is still alpha but there are a lot of features that you can use for free. So, I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on this application.

IO Visualizer

It is available for Windows and Mac. Linux version is coming soon.

Official page :
Docs :

My personal web page :

I like this, but I probably would not buy i

  • I can't justify the price (it takes me about 5 minutes to write the code)
  • I am not sure how it will interact with other serial I/O which might be going on and
  • As I don't have the source code, I can't fix in any potential issues myself. Also, I don't trust a company I don't know to provide continued support on software like this :-/

Anyway, I do really like this, if it were a simple library i'd be using it a lot I think.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for my late answer. You are right about all of them but this is the point of alpha version. I need feedback to improve this software. There are tons of things needs to be done right now. In prototyping mode people will be able to create their own custom boards in minutes and test their codes on them. To be honest, i haven't seen any software like IO Visualizer.

I make it early access so people can try and give me some feedbacks, see it's potential, get inspiration. And most importent thing is : it is actually free for beta supporters on Early Bird :

Without IO Visualizer,

  • i couldn't see noises on every analog pins ( Yes you can see in serial monitor too but how efficent)
  • i couldn't graph my pin values (exapt I would't have 800$ software besides it would take hours to make code to graph every pin values)
  • i couldn't actually simulate my codes until I had hardware components like dc, servo, led etc.
  • i couldn't simulate my advanced projects like prosthetic hand, 3D printer etc. (with IO Visualizer I just need to write proper code. I don't have to try on actual hardware every time I make a change.)

About other serial I/O devices :

IO Visualizer is collects data from almost any serial Input and Output devices. For example: you can actually simulate your printer outputs in IO Visualizer but for now it hasn't have any interface for this. I call them modes. I'm working on prototyping mode right now, hopfully people will use this mode to make their own hardwares like 3D printer, gamepad, mouse etc.

Hope you will like it, when i actually finish the final version. Really appreciate for your feedbacks.