Has anyone out there used "JeeNodeIoCommander"?

It's a sketch that gives you control of a local 'duino (toggle and read pin states) as well as other remote 'duinos with RF12B radios on board (toggle and read pin states). It's really nice but I can't get a couple of the digital pins to change state (locally or remotely) and I am certain it's an issue in the sketch. I can toggle digital and analog pin states and I can read pin states from digital pins and analog inputs. 6 out of the 8 pins used in the sketch seem to work just fine. The digital pins on "ports" 2 and 4 specifically are the ones that are killing me. It's laid out a little different than the standard Arduino and most clones so don't read too much into the term "port" before you peek at it.

I don't even technically need the two pins for what I'm doing but it's just making me crazy that I can't see the problem. Please don't shame me too badly if it is obvious. Really, I might prefer a solid hint rather than an answer. :)

Try here too: