ioctl("TIOCMGET"): Inappropriate ioctl for device

So first timer here I downloaded most recent version of IDE, tried to upload a couple sketches and keep receiving this error message.

Used prebuilt sketches that worked on another system.

ioctl("TIOCMGET"): Inappropriate ioctl for device
Problem uploading to board.

I am using MACbook Pro Yosemite 10.10.5 software. I have verified ports and Arduino uno is being seen by system in USB port.

I am seeing flashing yellow light on pin 13 and green flashing light.

I am using 1SHEELD with board, and all software up to date.

Help please.


So, which "pre-build" sketch? (nothing is pre-build btw, only already coded).

And what do you think is the "most recent" Arduino IDE version?

What is a 1SHEELD?

First just try the bare Arduino and the blink sketch. Does that work?