Ion Lifter (Al2O3) Breadboard (Research ; Publication)

I'm updating the research,

"Surface aerodynamic model of the lifter; Journal of Electrostatics Volume 71, Issue 2, April 2013, Pages 134-139"

I'm using the following 'Parts" kit(s);

  • (2)HJ Garden Electronic Component Assorted Kit
  • (1) Uno Project Super Starter Kit
  • (1) Mega 2560 Project
  • (1) Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensors Module

I'm Looking for something along the lines of

  • HJ Garden DC-DC 3V-32V to 5V-35V 4A (Max) High Performance Adjustable Step-Up Boost Converter Module XL6009 Booster Module With Voltmeter

I will not need anywhere near 140 watts of power output for the lifter circuit. The standard 'High School' Ion Lifter is 2 watts. The frame(s) will be printed at the local library. The primary frame will confirm the circuit design, and a second frame for sensor analysis.

I'm trying to get everything ordered by the 1st, delivered by the 5th, and printed by the 8th.

Thanks for the help guys,

Had to look up "ion lifter". Looks like great fun! And, it generates ozone, which some claim is good for you.

The documented record for payload is a 98 gram hexagonal shaped lifter lifting a 102 gram payload using 40kV from a specially made 1000 watt power supply.

Short construction video

I made one many moons ago from an old CRT; when I and Youtube was young. The Ozone smells like, well... It can't be healthy.

I also tried growing an oxygen rich garnet; which is about as easy as "growing" a chrome-plated cast iron sword in a distillery. I just happen to have a family secret for rose water/ rose alcohol aloe gel, and I'd seen electrolysis before. The ozone wasn't as bad as the hydrogen.

Needless to say the whole thing was an undocumented failure.

Found this recentish paper:

BTW Ozone is poisonous and definitely not good for you at any concentration, and is nothing to do
with the air at the seaside either (which is due to sulfur compounds). Ozone can compromize the
lungs ability to fight infection so its definitely something to avoid at the moment.

Yea, ozone isn't something nice.

That's a nice set-up. I've got about 10 designs here.... I'll sketch something by tomorrow.

My last time playing with a solar wind generator, was a snapshot. Garnet's are really good at quantum photo exposures. They were developed by the solar industry.

I'm going for a much different approach. I'll be dealing with much more ozone. I'm attempting to counter the solar wind by using electrochemical formation of H20.

As far as I know, it is possible to smell Ozone before it is really harmful. Well, at least if you are exposed to it for a short time.
The problem is that it is not a odor, so you have to know how it "smells" to be able to recognize it.

If you have ever smelled an untuned car/lawn mower; you've smelled ozone. Combustion has other reactions too; 'H2O1' smells like steam. 'O3' is one of the stronger smells.

You mean someone should explain O3 smells burnt, but not smoke burnt. Like atmosphere in a lighting storm, the air smells burnt.

I like this approach,

But I’m looking for good static grass projects too.