IOS 10 Safari, no more tool bars for tags

So I just upgraded my iPad to iOS 10. I used to have the icons readily available in quick reply or full post to add bold, code, colors, etc.

Seems it's gone now.

I went check my forum layout preferences and the settings are properly checked as far as I can tell.

HTML5 / CSS issues? Can anyone confirm if it's just me?


I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but I can confirm the buttons are still there for me using Win 7 + Firefox. So they haven't disappeared globally but I can't say whether it's an iOS 10 related issue.

Ok thanks for confirming this. I still see them on my computer with Safari as well.

So might be an iOS issue or a HTML/CSS check that is hardwired to decide dynamically whether or not to display the buttons based on browser version and suspected capability

You are not alone

Yeah painful... by now I know the common tags, so can survive on my iOS devices but it's a pain