IOS and Android Compatible Bluetooth Data Logging

hello all I am working on a project where I have to find environment's temperature, pressure and humidity using arduino and Bluetooth. for this I am using bleduino, DHT22 temp. and humidity sensor and BMP180 pressure sensor. I want my project to be compatible with both IOS and android.

can you all please help me to tell if I am using the correct Bluetooth module i.e.bleduino or not or I have to use another module such as nrf8001 or HC-06 ?? Its urgent =( since I have to make the report on which Bluetooth module I will use in my project.

Thank you in advance. Please reply soon

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I think any slave Bluetooth module should work, but I believe for IOS there is a restriction about Serial data communication over Bluetooth (there is no restriction on Android).

I just do quick search on google check it out (It seems BLE 4.0 modules can talk IOS)

Thank you I also searched about Bluetooth module and I found BLE SHIELD and nrf8001 adafruit. Both are compatible with IOS and android.

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OK I have enough information about IOS - Arduino Bluetooth integration. As reference, for those who want to communicate with IOS over Bluetooth should use Bluetooth 4.0 modules (aka BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy). Not cheap ones like HC-05, HC-06 or anything other than Bluetooth 4.0.

I changed the topic..... :P how about BLE Shield

this is also compatible with IOS and android and also nrf8001 adafruit

have a look at it

This BLE Shield is some what similar to the link which u have send me.