iOS/Arduino Gig offered

OK folks it is my turn to offer a gig.

I am looking for a iOS developer who has worked with the BLE interface and is confident in connecting to the HM-10/HM-11 BLE development board.

Basically we need to be able to send and receive some serial data to program remote devices. The BLE is connected to an NRF radio that handles that part.

There are some setup screens and some game play screens and some interface logic screens. Ideally it would be or both the iPad and the iPhone but the iPhone is the first target.

Please get in touch either through the forum or you can find me at my website where you will also find my email address.

This is a start-up project and so does not have a massive budget but then the work required is not massive either :slight_smile:

I have already developed all the Arduino side of things and now my client is looking to get the iOS stuff sorted out.

Cheers Pete.

I'm an iOS programmer. Please email me at danny at

Hi Danny,

My business partner has just emailed you and CCd me as well. We look forward to talking with you about this requirement.

You can get me email address from the mail . Fell free to fire me any tech questions.

Cheers Pete.