ios game controller

hi guys i really need help
i really want to make gamepad that worls with ios but i dont know how to do it.
i have seen that you can make it using bluefruit ez key but i cant get it.
im thinking to make it using arduino.
i have only used arduino for a year only but i have do alot of thing.
so can anybody please help it will mean alot to me tq :slight_smile:

What part do you not understand?

you need to have sensors?
which sensors?
read them with an Arduino?
how frequent?
how to send it to IOS?
Do you have protocol descriptions to talk to IOS?

many open questions

What did you do sofar, except asking the question?
Do you have code and or schematics to share we can enhance?

You really need to tell a lot more details. The more you tell the better answers you can expect.

let just say i dont know anything. and tq for replying :slight_smile:

let just say i dont know anything. and tq for replying :slight_smile:

Then first learn how to use the Arduino to read sensors buttons etc. There is a tutorial section with lots of examples. Please spend a month or so to go through these examples and you will learn the C++ language and Arduino extensions, how to use them and most important you will recognize the parts of code you will need.

There after you need to find the protocol used to communicate with IOS. Without that (and I do not have it) you are essentially doomed to reverse engineer an existing IOS game controller. Can be done but not trivial.