IOS10 look and feel broken again

To the forum engine managers

This is becoming irritating. Who is the first year HTML design trainee messing around with CSS and web page look and feel on a production system without testing first On key platforms and devices that are out there from a test server? What about proper engineering behavior and not amateurish try and fail practice?

Or is that the test process? Mess around with something and see if someone shouts? I'm not against the idea even if I think this is suboptimal - that's a community web site anyway - but Would be good to know in that case where to actively feed bugs, screen shots, and client side execution error logs. If not the community will go elsewhere.

I'm sure many of us would be willing to test changes once in a while - raise a call for volunteers - if you don't have all the HW and OS versions of the community [check your analytics to see what are the top platforms and OS out there and don't activate any change unless they are proven to be without impact on your top platforms.]

It's getting worse everyday - Can't use post layout buttons anymore, can't click to see the alerts so can't contribute back to discussions. Best way to kill participation and drive away your users.

where to actively feed bugs, screen shots, and client side execution error logs.

Here it is: Issues · arduino/forum-assets · GitHub

I have had the same problem for a week or so. I have a tab constantly open on the forum.

While stuffing around, I opened a new tab for the forum and all is well in that tab but still Sh.. in the original tab. Killed the old tab and I am happy.

Icons still missing but the page looks ok.


On my iPhone all is fine and on my iPad it's broken... I'll try to clear arduino related cookies and see what happens

Good news - clearing the cache and cookies got the look and feel back to normal. So seems changes in whatever is stored locally and driving the UI/UX is not handled properly.
Icons still missing indeed

I have just found that if I return to the Arduino tab after a while, the display is as pictured above.
If I then use the shortcut in favourites to refresh, all is well.