IoT 33 as USB bridge?

I'd like to use the Nano IoT33 as a wireless USB bridge, so a remote PC can talk to a USB device connected to the Arduino over a WiFi connection (basically to take the place of a physical USB cable).

I would guess getting data flowing between the USB and the WiFi on the Arduino wouldn't be too difficult (would it?) but I'm not sure what needs to happen on the (Windows) PC side for the PC to connect to the Arduino via WiFi and treat that as a virtual USB or serial connection.

Has something like this been done? Is there Windows software that would create the virtual port on the PC, or is there some other way to approach this?


Before continuing with your project, please study, carefully all the communications that MUST occur so your PC can determine the manufacturer ID and the device ID that is being attached to the USB port. Only then does the PC know what driver to install so the new USB device can communicate with the PC.
Not a trivial project and apparently not even a commercial product available to do such a chore.
Good luck,

I doubt what you would like to do can be done with a reasonable amount of effort.

Maybe if you tell us what the end goal of your exercise is, we can provide you with some ideas that can be achieved with Arduino level knowledge.

Thanks for those warnings, Paul and Klaus. As I think about it, in my application I am treating the USB as a serial port. In that case, would I still need to do all the USB stuff on the PC side? I'd think all that would be needed would be software to virtualize a COM port from an ethernet socket, and I think I've seen that sort of thing out there (I know it exists under Linux).

Remember! All USB communication is done using messages back and forth between two devices. Any data is ALWAYS just messages on top of normal USB communication messages. Serial port is interesting because it relies on a time-out to tell the USB software to send what you have and wait for more serial data.

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