IoT Air Quality

Hi there,

i want to start with some Arduino by building an IoT Air Quality thingy.

_Measuring the AirQuality _Saving data points over time _Show current AirQuality via display or LEDs

Which board and which sensors would you recommend?

I'm kinda new to Arduino so "less is more" atm :confused:

Thanks for your Help.

Board: Uno or Nano.

Sensors: depends on what pollutants you want to measure (PM50/PM25, ozone, NOX, VOC and CO are some common components of environmental air pollution).

So internet of things without internet? That's just a sensor!

“So internet of things without internet?” ???

how said something about no internet?

For Internet connectivity (missed that one) look at the NodeMCU or WeMOS boards, they're ESP8266 based and come with built-in WiFi of easy Internet connection. That is, if you have WiFi at your monitoring location.

Having bid on manufacturing an air quality monitor, I can add to your design by telling you it also requires determining dust particle volume by ranges of particle size. This requires a known air flow through the filter screens.

Air quality is an entire science unto itself.