IoT Beta MKR 1000

I hope this post is in the right place.

I have connected my MKR via USB as instructed, named my board and then attempted to configure the board

"we Weren't able to configure the Crypto Chip, upload in progress

please try again..."

I went back to the beginning and was not able to name the board with the same name, no problem but it just will not configure, I cannot find any information about how to resolve this

anyone have any tips?

We weren't able to configure the Crypto Chip. Couldn't configure board at port COM22. Upload failed with error: Reset before upload: 1200bps Touch: Open port COM22: Invalid serial port

now working...

that said after a min or so of uploading it fails, states the board is not connected and suggest unplugging/resetting the board, which still has not effect

this is a little hit and miss

I had similar problems with the initialization and couldn't go on any more because the name already existed. I totally aborted, checked everything repeatedly, so my MKR 1010 found my DHCP and DNS servers, did it get an IP address and a name? Everything was fine, even the firewall wasn't an obstacle, but suddenly it worked. No idea what it was all about.

I kind of got it working but fails to connect to my work WiFi, will try when I get home. I hope I crack this as this is one of the most confusing areas