IoT cload sketch verify takes 45 seconds?

I would love to use the IoT cloud... But verify takes >45 seconds?!
I tried another browser but the same.

When I remove all IoT command from the sketch then verify takes a few seconds.

Do I need to change something in my settings?

Your topic on the same subject posted 3 hours ago, which has no replies, has been deleted

Why did you open a new topic ? If you had more information you could have added a post to your original topic

sorry about that... I couldn't find that post anymore so I thought it was never posted...

If you click on your avatar top/right of the screen, then Preferences and choose Activity from the list you can see your activity

Once yo are there you can create a shortcut from the URL to make it faster to get to in future if you want

Thank you for your patience... didn't know that, should have though.

I had an issue like this in the past, and it seems the CLoud disk space had been full. I never got any replies when I asked about this issue. Uploads were taking minutes.

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got no notification for your reply... but thank you and I will try again soon. hopefully it will work now.

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