IoT Cloud and pictures

IoT Cloud looks great for sensor data and turning LED on or off, but how can I use it with pictures or livestreeming like Blynk?

How can I show pictures in Arduino Dashboard?

You appear to be asking the same question twice, this is against the forum rules: How to get the best out of this forum
I note that you didn't get a response the first time, I would think that might be because your question is too vague and lacks details. I suggest you pay particular attention to How To Ask Questions The Smart Way then modify your question.

You are right, but someone should be able to answer this, if Arduino dashboad got the ability to show pictures or not.

I would think that if someone reads your question and knows the answer they will tell you. I would tell you if I knew, but I have no idea, sorry.

@pert can you help with this?

You can't. That's not the sort of data Arduino IoT Cloud is intended to be used with.

You can add charts and maps though.

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Thank you for the answer. That is fine.

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