IOT Cloud API - Read Data in Real Time


I would like to retrieve a value from the Arduino in real-time from an external system, running somewhere on the Internet. It's an always increasing counter, and I would like to read the value every second at least (it's updated every 100ms on the Arduino side).

I achieved to create a property for my thing, update it and visualize it in a dashboard, it's working like a charm.

I then tried to retrieve the counter value (which is displayed appropriately on my dashboard). I followed the documentation in Arduino IoT Cloud API (+ some other tutorials) and I achieved to read the counter value through the endpoint{thing_id}/properties/{property_id}. However, the "last_value" property retrieved is very random. While my counter is always increasing, through the API I get values which are increasing, then decreasing, then increasing again. They are close to the "real" value on the board, but not very accurate.

Did you already experienced such a behavior ? Am I doing something wrong ? Do you have any hint / other way of doing this ?

Thanks in advance


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