IoT Cloud Dashboard rename issue

Whenever I rename a dashboard in IoT Cloud, it empties all the dashboard contents and you will lose all your items in it? Is this Google Chrome specific or does it also happen in other browsers?

I just tried and can't reproduce the issue :thinking:
Are you able to record a screencast showing the issue?

It's very simple. These are the steps;

  1. Duplicate a dashboard
  2. Open the dashboard, shows the same content as the one duplicated from
  3. Rename the dashboard to any other name
  4. Open the dashboard --> Empty
    Using Chrome browser Version 91.0.4472.77. Same problem occurs on my Edge browser. I have made an MP4 video with my phone, but don't know how to upload it here? Can I send it to you by email?

I just tried following your steps but couldn't reproduce the issue.. you should be able to upload the video here in the forum by just dragging it onto the message box or hitting the "Upload" button in the message toolbar

The upload file here in the forum doesn't accept video files, only pictures. I have a short .mp4 video ready to share/upload, so will share it temporarily as YouTube link, but remove the link/file later on;