IOT Cloud Dashboard

Using the Arduino IOT Cloud and the Dashboard that comes with it.

Is the Dashboard viewable externally?
If I create a Dashboard can others, who are not registered with the Arduino Cloud view the dashboard?

A general public website for example.


We will deal with why its mangling my data later.................

Post a link to your dashboard.


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I did, and a user (friend) tried to access it and he was told he had to register.

So, I'm wondering if I'm missing where the link is located.

Or are dashboards just not viewable by non-registered people?


AFAIK only the creator can view.

I dont see any link to your dashboard either ?

If I can't publish a Dashboard view for my customers to see,then what good is a dashboard?

I want my $6.95 back.

I said AFAIK but without your link then how can I be sure ?

BTW we dont deal with the business.

The people in this forum are just other Arduino users like yourself.

Remember almost all of us do not work for Arduino.

I was also wondering this. Here's a link to a very simple dashboard that just consists of a button, which in turn lights the onboard LED: Arduino IoT Cloud

I can't reach the page in an incog window, so I'm guessing it's not shareable directly from the link. This would be disappointing because I have never been able to get my 1010 working with, which does offer public dashboards.

I have passed this post upstairs FYI.

Not sure if it will help but worth the effort.


Dear user rjclarke61,

First of all we are sorry to hear you are disappointed with Arduino Create Maker plan service. Unfortunately the feature you request is not advertised in the product description and it is not currently available in in Arduino Create platform. However, we do think it is a great feature and it will be available sometime next year.

For the time being I would suggest you go back to the Create Free plan (so you will not pay the monthly fee). As soon as the feature becomes available next year you can go back to subscribe to Maker Plan.

I hope this helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.