IoT Cloud Data types and data updates

Hello, good afternoon.

I'm not a cpp developer so please do bear with me if I misunderstand something.
I have an Arduino MKR1010 connected to Arduino IoT cloud and have 4 variables that are setup to update periodically (60s). I tried connecting this board to a google Pub/Sub topic to stream data but after a myriad of failures, decided to just push data through a webhook. I notice that IoT Cloud is smart enough to only push to the hook after this 60s interval but my problem is that I think over time the variables update time shifts from one another and I get pushes with only one or other variable at the time.

I'm pushing Volts and Amps to a timeseries DB so for me it's important that data is consistently inserted every 1 minute otherwise I can't calculate kW/h for a given point and I interpret this as a missed heartbeat.

I have various possible solutions:

The first relies on someone to tell me what are the valid IoT Cloud data types because if it accepts a object , I can send the two variables in the same object and prevent the shift from the internal Arduino clock.

The second (probably most reliable) would be to connect to IoT cloud and have a cron that pulls data every 1 minute. thought the API docs are very weird and I don't seem to understand how am I supposed to authenticate and handle errors if the token expires.

Anyway, anyone has any input on this?

thank you very much for your help.
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Diogo Marques

I have a similar question.

I see the different Cloud data types like "CloudTemperatureSensor” but haven’t located any documentation on them. Any idea where I can find?

As well as 'Cloudtime'...

If you configure IoT Cloud to update data every X seconds that's what should happen. Do you have any running example that shows a different behavior?

There's currently no documentation on those augmented types, but you can find their declarations here:

As you see from there, CloudTemperatureSensor works like CloudFloat which supports the = assignment operator directly. So you can just assign to it:

myTemperatureSensor = 30.2;

CloudTime is defined as an alias of CloudFloat too.

If you have any more questions about cloud types, just post them here!

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